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Chemical Engineering Department, University of Pittsburgh, PA

Modeling the Making and Breaking of Bonds as an Elastic Microcapsule Moves over a Compliant Substrate
Designing microcapsule arrays that propagate chemical signals
Characterizing particle transport due to actuated cilia with adhesive tips
Exploiting gradients in cross-link density to control the bending and self-propelled motion of active gels
Self-assembly of mixtures of nanorods in binary, phase-separating blends
Computational Design of Active, Self-Reinforcing Gels.
Using a computational model for the Dictyostelium discoideum organism
Self-Healing Networks of Star-shaped Nanogel Particles.
Modeling the transport of nanoparticle-filled binary fluids through the porous medium: a lattice Boltzmann approach
Role of Parallel Reformable Bonds in the Self-Healing of Crosslinked Nanogel Particles
Designing autonomously motile gels that follow complex paths
Healing surface defects with nanoparticle-filled polymer coatings: Effect of particle geometry
Morphology and elastic strain field corresponding to a filled diblock copolymer
Pattern formation in a temperature gradient
Binary fluid within the microchannels: morphological instabilities and periodic droplet formation
Pattern formation in a temperature gradient
Reactive ternary mixtures
Propagation of a wave of electrical excitation and the resultant muscle contraction in a simplified heart model
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